Webb Memorial State Park: Pano 1

Yesterday morning was very gray outside. The sky was completely covered with clouds. Not dramatic storm clouds or white puffy clouds against a brilliant blue sky. No, it was one giant gray sky for miles and miles…not very conducive to landscape photography. I knew it was suppose to be close to 50°, which around here is warm, so I really wanted to get out there and take some pictures. Instead, I plopped myself down on the couch to catch up on Heroes and read a book. As the morning started to pass into early afternoon I noticed the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds. I decided to hope for the best, grabbed the camera and headed outdoors.

I didn’t feel like going far so I searched Google for some places I could go to in the Hingham area (figured I would end up at the harbor). Instead I found Webb Memorial State Park located in Weymouth. This place is awesome! And, as you can see, the sun did stay out and the clouds had a bit of that puffy whiteness to them. Just what I had hoped for. I’ll be posting more images from the park this week.

If you look on the left hand side you can see the Boston skyline.

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  1. Beautful, serene landscape. I think it’s really neat that you have so many beautiful areas around Boston that you can drive to.

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