I See A Manatee!

Yes! We finally saw a manatee in Manatee Pocket! Not just one but 3! For three days we saw a mother manatee and her baby and on the last day we also saw a third manatee. So, while it may have been cold in Florida (while I was there) one of the benefits was that the manatees were coming in to warmer/shallow waters. On the news they showed hundreds of manatees near a power plant due to the warmth of the water. In the paper they even listed places you could drive to to see them. Our little Manatee Pocket was listed among them. The water in Manatee Pocket was pretty shallow and murky. The manatees would actually stir up the mud and make it harder to see them. They only stuck their mouths out of the water to grab some air and then went under quickly. A few times they stayed above long enough for me to get my focus and get the shot. Mom and I would walk down every day and stay for quite awhile watching them. They would go under for 4-5 minutes between breathes so there was a lot of waiting to catch a glimpse of them. I found them fascinating and was so happy to finally see them in our little pocket after waiting over 3 years to catch a glimpse of one.

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  1. Yay!

  2. Sort of like the Loch Ness Monster, huh?

  3. Yeah, they look much cuter on the signs they post about watching out for manatees. In these shots I think they look very prehistoric.

  4. The are so sweet and I love the nose!

  5. manatee or lock ness???

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