Manatee Watch

This year was the fourth time I had gone down to Florida and stayed in the Stuart area. Each time I have gone to this small area called Manatee Pocket. I was intrigued by all the signs I saw telling boaters to be careful and watch for manatees. I sort of assumed we’d see a manatee during one of our walks. Unfortunately, we never saw one or heard of anyone seeing one in the pocket. We did go out on my uncle’s boat 4 years ago and saw a couple in the water near us but not close enough to get a picture. This year mom and I were walking around Manatee Pocket and thought we saw something in the water, a fish? dolphin? could it possible be a manatee? Stay tuned tomorrow…

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  1. Can’t wait!!

  2. They are such wonderful creatures! When I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, for a while I lived around the corner from the Manatee sanctuary….loved walking over there.

  3. Shirley, I thought of you all the time when I saw these manatee signs.
    Susan, how wonderful if you were able to see these creatures near where you lived.

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