Take a Ride on the Cold Train

Do you think there’s “No Emergency Access at this Location” because it’s frozen shut?!

As I was walking to get on this train I couldn’t resist taking a shot of the ice that had formed (I didn’t notice the sign in the window until I opened it on the computer). Thankfully, this train was heated on the inside. Although, last week I sat on a train with no heat on one of the days when we were in the single digits. On the positive side there weren’t that many people in that car so I got a seat to myself.

Similar to yesterday’s photo this one was processed in Lightroom and then brought into Photoshop where I used the Dynamic Pro HDR plugin to pull out the texture and grittiness of the image.

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  1. Excellent image…really drives home how frigid it is up there these days! Great job of processing-really works well. I think they need to get the blow torch out…what if you really had to use this exit? Yikes!

  2. Jamie,
    Awesome shot!
    The processing here is spot on. One of those images where HDR really pulls out the detail in every crevice.
    My only complaint would be that the frame is not centered on the door. However, I also imagine to get such a shot you would have had to risk life and limb. To cold for such blatant disregard for one’s life these days.

  3. GREAT shot Jamie. I really like this picture.

  4. LOOOOVVVVE THIS SHOT! It almost looks like an angry monster from a movie…

  5. Excellent work. Really says “cold”!

  6. Another great shot Jamie! And it did produce a laugh out of me too!

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