Winter Wonderland

Today, I’ll take a little break from the Lego studio setup. Although, I’ll probably go back to it tomorrow.  Anyway, I mentioned we had another snow storm over the weekend. We had a little melting yesterday but there’s still a lot of the white stuff out there. I think it’s going to be a very long winter.

After shoveling off my car on Monday, I decided I’d grab the camera and take a few shots. I think I’ve only gone out two or three times with the camera since winter hit. I really need to get motivated and go find some new places to take pictures whether it’s outside or a museum or something like that.

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  1. Wow—well done!!! This looks like a painting…so textural.

  2. Beautiful composition !!! The snow is perfectly exposed !!

  3. My jaw dropped when I saw this…just amazing. Beautiful and excellent post processing. It looks almost like a lithograph.

  4. Thank you all. I’ve been watching a Lightroom tutorial (kelby training) that has helped with tweaking images. I also threw this image into Dynamic Pro HDR to pull out the texture in the snow- especially the slush.

  5. This winter photo is awesome!

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