Live Nativity

Isn’t she cute and what a little actor she was. No, I’m not talking about the little girl playing Mary, although she was cute also. This horse really impressed me! It’s a mechanical horse who’s head moves up, down and side to side. It also makes horse noises. Her moves and sounds were so realistic I almost believed she was real.

This is a shot from the live nativity at St. David’s church during Holidays in Halifax. I’ve seen live nativitys before (even played Mary as a kid myself) but there was a bit of a twist with this one. The flyer stated live nativity at 6:30pm and when parents showed up with their children the people at the church asked them if the kids would like to participate in the nativity. So, instead of watching the show the kids ended up performing it. They took the children downstairs threw some basic costumes on them and then told them when they needed to march down the aisle. For a non-rehearsed performance of the nativity it went very well.

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  1. Really cute capture…I want a mechanical pony too!

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