JB Baker Blacksmith Shop II

It was hard to take a shot inside the JB Baker Blacksmith Shop due to so many people crowding in to warm up from the freezing temperature. After processing this photo I had gone online to checkout the photos I had taken last year at Holidays in Halifax and discovered that I had taken almost this exact same shot. You can see last year’s photo here and read some history about the blacksmith shop.

I found it interesting that I processed it completely different this time around. Over the last year (especially the past few months) I’ve noticed that I’ve been more open to play with the saturation and colors in my images. I also realized that I took this shot as a portrait and last year’s was shot in landscape. I find that most of my pictures are taken in landscape but it was nice to see I took a few in portrait last weekend.


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  1. I like the brick with just a hint of color here…nice job! I find myself heavily favoring landscape and have to stop and make a conscious effort to shoot portrait.

  2. Uncle John

    The picture of the blacksmith shop is a picture that could be framed and put in the shop or in the museum. I like the color and you seemed to captured the feeling of the history of blacksmithing. Good job.

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