This is how I’d feel if I had snow dumped on me. This branch looks as if every needle shot straight out when the cold hit it. Winter is almost officially here. I think my blood must be getting thinner every year…I have a harder and harder time preparing myself for the cold. It might have more to do with the wind. It sure seems as if Boston always has a cold wind slapping me in the face early in the morning. On the positive side it wakes me up and gets me walking a little bit faster to work.

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  1. Great shot Jamie. Looks like winter fireworks.

  2. Love this shot…makes me have chill bumps looking at it! I love the Boston area and I am considering moving up that way one day in the future, but I have to admit, the winter weather is just a bit intimidating-especially for a native southerner!

  3. I love a month of winter. Once I get past the shock of the first cold I love winter for about a month or so. But once March comes around I really want Spring so bad that it sometimes make March feel even more harsh than it is.
    I did live in Florida for a year and found that a missed the change of seasons and decided I needed to move back north. Now Florida is a wonderful place to visit in the winter.

  4. the image of snow dumped on you – and it being like the snow dumped on these pine needles is perfect! I can totally see it..see you!

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