Frozen Food Cart

Now that I look at this shot I think I should have taken it from further away. What caught my eye was that this cart was all alone in an empty parking lot. It doesn’t have that same feel of isolation in this closer shot. Although this shot does give new meaning to shopping in the “frozen food section.”

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  1. I like it.
    The bit of red caught my eye in a way I don’t think it would have had the cart been shot from a distance.
    And I like the contrasting textures under the snow covered surfaces…the smooth metal, the nubby concrete, the wooden fence and the trees…
    I know what you mean, about showing the alone-ness of the cart from farther away, but do like this shot, too 🙂

  2. I like this image…very sharp detail. I tend to agree with Shirley, the red really pops and it would probably have been missed further away.
    This would make me want to stay home and have groceries delivered! 🙂

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