Until the cows come home

Thank goodness for the internet or I’d have nothing historical to put under these pictures. Of course I have no idea if what I’m finding is true but it sounds good and fills some space. The following was taking from the Mayflower History website:

“The first cattle arrived at Plymouth on the ship Anne in 1623 and more arrived on the ship Jacob in 1624. Onboard the Anne in 1623 were three cows, nicknamed the “Great Black Cow,” the “Lesser Black Cow” and the “Great White-Backed Cow.” By 1627 both the “Lesser Black Cow” and the “Great White-Backed Cow” had calves. Onboard the Jacob in 1624 there were four black heifers. By May 1627, there were 16 head of cattle and at least 22 goats living in Plymouth.”

Okay, I never said the information would be worth remembering. Who knows, this cow could possibly be one of the descendants of the “Great Black Cow” or the “Lesser Black Cow.” I was very impressed with how well this cow role-played. If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought he really was from 1627!

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  1. Looks pretty authentic to me! Nice shot…I really like the hint of color here.

  2. Beautiful ! I like the washed color look! it’s very effective !

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