Plimoth Plantation

In 1628, Plymouth was visited by the Dutchman named Isaac de Rasieres, and he wrote a more detailed description of what he saw:

“New Plymouth lies on the slope of a hill stretching east towards the sea-coast, with a broad street about a cannon shot of 800 feet long, leading down the hill; with a crossing in the middle, … The houses are constructed of clapboards, with gardens also enclosed behind and at the sides with clapboards, so that their houses and courtyards are arranged in very good order, with a stockade against sudden attack; and at the ends of the streets there are three wooden gates. … Upon the hill they have a large square house, with a flat roof, built of thick sawn planks stayed with oak beams, upon the top of which they have six cannon.” (information taken from the Mayflower History website)

This shot was taken from the fort on the hill (“large square house”). I almost had to sit on one of the canons to see out the window. If you look straight out at the ocean you can see a small piece of land. That would be Saquish. A lot of my shots over the summer were taken out at Saquish. You’d have to zoom in really close to see the lighthouse.

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  1. Great picture Jamie. I love the look of the sky in this shot.

  2. Incredible landscape and amazing sky. The monochrome does very well to bring out the detail…tack sharp image.

  3. I made this an HDR image because I knew it would pull out the contrast in the clouds. It also makes images sharper and adds a bit of grittiness which was the feeling I was trying to convey. This image looks and feels cold to me as I imagine the Pilgrims were when winter hit and they only had these small huts to keep them warm.

  4. nice HDR shot with soft tone …

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