Life at Sea

The look I was going for here would be called, weathered. What a wonderfully photographic face this sailor has…I really liked the texture of his beard. Normally, I wouldn’t process a person this way. However, sticking with my theme for the week, I was trying to convey the look and feel of life on the Mayflower in 1620. I imagine they all looked a bit gritty and weathered after their 66 day journey. As you can see I left some of the color in this image instead of making it completely sepia toned. I liked the look of the red shirt.

Unfortunately, I did not catch this sailor’s name. I did hear him say that he was from England and had been hired as a crew member for the Mayflower. He went back to England when the Mayflower made it’s return trip in May, 1621.

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  1. I’m glad you kept the red in, too. The color adds a different dimension that is subtle and eye-catching.
    Hearing that some of the sailors went back conjures up some strong “what if…” wonderings.

  2. Apparently, the Mayflower and most of the crew were hired to bring the Pilgrims to America and would not be staying with them. However, John Alden was the Cooper on the ship and the Pilgrims asked him if he’d like to stay with them. More on John Alden next week (when we venture to Plimoth Plantation) as I am a descendant of his.

  3. Lovin’ this the mayflour series! This shot is great. This guy is very photogenic. I think you may of found the real Santa. You can break out this photo again for xmas week.

  4. Bill, nice to hear from you. You are so right, this does look Santa. Maybe his day job is being a role player on the Mayflower- hard times for everyone.

  5. Perfect portrait…and the processing is spot on!

  6. fantastic. like a frame out of a pbs documentary.

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