Master’s Quarters

This is the Master’s Quarters. The Mayflower’s Master (today referred to as captain) was named Christopher Jones. The Master’s job was to direct the course of the ship and to command all the sailors and crew. Christopher Jones was about 50 years old at the time of the Mayflower’s voyage to America. He was also a quarter owner of the ship along with three other men.

While this room may not look like much, it’s actually the driest and most comfortable of all the rooms on the ship. The crew lived on the upper decks, toward the front of the boat. The bow of the ship was constantly hit by waves and therefore was consistently cold and wet. Since the Mayflower was a merchant ship, it was made for carrying cargo like barrels of food or clothing, or large pieces of wood. The cargo was stored in the lower decks of the ship, in one big open storage area. There were no windows on this deck but a little water would leak in anyway, so this area was always dark, cold, and damp. Seeing how the Pilgrims were the cargo on the Mayflower, all 102 of them had to live down below in the cold, dark, damp decks. The Master’s Quarters is looking pretty cozy to me. (Information taken from

This image is processed the same as yesterday’s images. Again, I was going for an antique gritty look.

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