Lazy Llama

I’m not sure that this llama is actually lazy but she was lying down the entire time I was taking pictures. One of the houses in Plympton has three llamas in their field. I’m not exactly sure what the llama is used for on a farm…food? fur? fun? I find them to be rather fascinating to look at but that’s probably because I don’t typically see many llamas.

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  1. Nicely composed Jaime. Seems like the Llama was posing for you. Nicely done. Well exposed.

  2. Thank you, Al. I’ll confess and tell you that the llama was overexposed (even though I kept adjusting my camera settings). I was able to use the adjustment brush in Lightroom 2 to bring down the exposure and recover the texture of the fur.

  3. Gotta love Lightroom : ) I didn’t know they had localized adjustment settings : )

  4. A lovely picture, such a serene setting with the Llama and white fence. Beautiful landscape and like the old rusty carriage.

  5. Love this composition with the rusty carriage in the background! My cousin used to raise llamas in CA…they’re really sweet, gently creatures!

  6. That’s one happy looking Lama, great composition with the old farm equipment in the BG

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