Plympton Progress?

First, a little history from the Plympton website: The town of Plympton was incorporated in 1707. It is approximately 14.8 square miles and is, therefore, the smallest town in southeastern Massachusetts. The population is somewhat over 2600.

When I was growing up in Plympton the population was just under 2000. So, as you can see Plympton is a growing community. It’s become such the hotbed of activity, that after 301 years the first traffic light has been installed in the center of town. A month ago, the only light in Plympton was, a flashing yellow found on Prospect Road (another flashing light has recently been installed on Palmer Road). As you can tell from this shot (taken Saturday afternoon) the light is badly needed with all that heavy traffic!

Yes, I’m one of the people who felt there really wasn’t a need for the traffic light, if only for the fact that I don’t want it to take away from the country feel of the town. Then again it probably has to do with me wishing Plympton would always stay the way I remember it from childhood.

My great uncle Jim had a favorite quote written by a Plymptonian named Tom Bose. It has become one of my favorite qoutes:

I hope that progress leaves a sign that there was a once upon a time.

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  1. Who says you can’t go home? You can go home – now you just have to stop and wait for the light to turn green. 😉
    I found this quote on the web. Sounds fitting…
    “Progress is man’s ability to complicate simplicity.”
    Thor Heyerdahl

  2. Yes, fitting quote. While I love my technology there are just days I want simplicity. Of course if I went without my tech toys for more than a few days I’d probably go nuts. It’s a complicated line to walk. Yup, I guess the Thor quote is very fitting.

  3. Maybe installing the light had to do with the end of the year is coming, spend it or lose it…?
    Looks pretty quiet to me…quaint with or without the light.

  4. I’m afraid it may have to do with them possibly putting a casino in the neighboring town (let’s hope not). That would really lead to traffic going through Plympton.

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