Bountiful Colors of Fall

The fall colors have really been spectacular this past week. Besides the leaves changing, another sign that winter is fast approaching, is that we had to change the windows on Mom and Dad’s porch. The screen windows came out and the glass ones were put in. It’s a ritual we’ve done for many, many years. This year it was M & D, Chris, Karen, Josh and I. As grampa would say, “many hands make light work” so it didn’t take very long for us to complete the task. The best part was that we got a home cooked meal after. And, we were able to fit in a few games of 45s before it was time to head home.

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  1. Nice colors,Jamie. And thank you again for Sunday. Good excuse to have everyone over.

  2. You just don’t see colors that rich in these parts…beautiful! What a concept…screen windows in the summer?! Not in these parts!

  3. With the mosquitoes around these parts you have to have screens or you wouldn’t be able to sit outside most nights.

  4. The changing of the screens. Just another sign of the cold weather : ( Love the warm reddish tones on this image.

  5. Autumn has long been my fave season for photography, Mother nature putting on a real show full of raddle-dazzle with her textures and hues.
    I think this gorgeous photograph captures the reasons for my opinion, really neatly. Superb colours

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