Sunset Silhouette

Last time I went to the chiropractor I had a 6:30am appointment. I decided if I was going to be up and out before the sun rises I might as well take a picture of it (see Peaking Through). The other day I had a 6:30pm appointment with the chiropractor. I decided it was only fair that I take a shot of the sunset.

This shot was taken from King Caesar’s Road in Duxbury. There is a small promontory (yup had to look that word up) that has a pathway that leads to a bench where you can sit and watch the sunset. There is also a stone memorial to Ezra Weston located here. Weston was known as “King Caesar” for his success in shipbuilding and shipping; Lloyd’s of London recognized him as the largest shipowner in America. The King Caesar House (1808) is located just down the street from this spot. It is now a non-profit museum that you can tour during the summer months.

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  1. Dad and I walked King Caesar Road one morning this week and went to this very spot. It’s beautiful any time of day.

  2. It’s a great road and I tend to take it a little more often on the way back from the beach. Dad should take his camera on your walks. He could be a guest blogger for me sometime!

  3. Nice. I like the composition on this one a lot.

  4. Gorgeous picture AND a bonus history lesson. Nice!

  5. Just gorgeous, James. And I really love the composition…especially the bird on the ramp to the dock…nice little touch!

  6. There are actually a whole row of birds sitting on the railing from the left of the dock all the way to the right on this image. At one point I had processed it so you could see them but I liked the image darker and more of a silhouette.

  7. This post has been selected as PixyBlog’s Daily Shot for Thu, 25 Sep 2008

  8. Thank you to everyone and to pixy blog for checking out my photo and making it the daily shot today. A very pleasant surprise!

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