Oh, Nuts!

I swear there must be some type of squirrel boxing organization. Every shot I take of a squirrel looks as if they are in a boxing stance (see also Put Em Up). Apparently, they are very protective of their nuts.

There has been lots of activity amongst the squirrels outside my apartment. They are all scurrying around collecting nuts and storing them up for the winter months. Another sign that fall is here. Which has been very obvious the past couple of mornings. I actually had to wear a jacket yesterday morning! Here’s hoping we get a little indian summer in October.

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  1. This squirrel looks so soft! I like the contrasting textures/similar color thing happening here.

  2. Sometimes they look so cute I just want to pick one up. When I was a kid a friend’s family had rescued a baby squirrel that had been hurt. They nurtured it back to health and when it was set free it would still come around to the house and greet us.

  3. What a great capture! He does look like he’s ready to just take on the world-cute little fella!
    Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to give you a call last week. We took the ferry over for the day, and unfortunately, ran short of time (we had only about four hours before having to catch the ferry back).
    We’ll be back to Beantown next year, though!

  4. They are all over the place in the courtyard where I work. They aren’t afraid to come right up to you because everyone feeds them! I saw a black squirrel the other day. I hope that doesn’t mean bad luck!

  5. Oh I love this picture (and the squirrel) 🙂

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