Coming around the bend

Hopefully, this shot gives you a little bit of a feel for what it was like to watch these dogs race. Boy can these puppies run! They took off so fast I had to wait until they came back around the bend to take a picture.

I found it very challenging trying to capture this image. I was taking this shot at dusk, I wasn't using a tripod and I was trying to balance myself on my knees on a little ledge. I'm actually surprised it's not blurrier. I had the ISO bumped up to 1600 but I think that may have been too high (I had to try and get rid of as much graininess as possible). I think I'm going to have to practice action shots and shutter speed.

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  1. Nice job in capturing this…especially without a tripod!

  2. “And they’re off…” wonderful feeling of speed and moving in this one. Nice job.

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