March of the Greyhounds

Over the weekend the softball team threw a bachelorette party for one of the girls on the team. We went to the Raynham dog track for some fun and lots of silliness. I had never been to the dog tracks and found it rather interesting. I was surprised to see that they had these kids bring the dogs onto the track and down to the starting gates. It was amazing how fast they took off from the gates…the dogs also had a pretty fast start!  I'm not much of a gambler so I took my time trying to choose my betting stategy wisely. After some intense scanning of the statistics book I decided to pick the number on my team shirt (#4) and play it for four straight races. The number four dog "showed" 3 out of 4 times. I made a whooping $2.80!

For those of you who know that I helped create a cake for the party and would like to see how it came out, you can click here to see it. There are also a few other photos from the party. I decided the photos may be considered a bit inappropriate (or maybe just immature) for this blog so I put them up on flicker instead. 

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  1. These dogs are so fast! My friend had one and unless you have a big house and yard, these dogs only want to do one thing and that is run!
    I must say though, I wish they would eventually outlaw dog racing in Massachusetts. There has been talk about it. These dogs really don’t get the treatment they deserve.

  2. I can understand how you feel about outlawing dog racing. It was amazing to see how fast the dogs ran but I tried not to think too much about whether this was something they would want to do and how they were being treated (especially if they didn’t run well).

  3. Sounds like a fun time was had by all…love how the dogs get paraded!

  4. Your flicker photos are funny…I could totally imagine being with one of my crazy friends and creating this cake!

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