Here's my cousin Bella at the bonfire, waiting for the fireworks to start. When I first took this shot I was wishing Bella didn't have the drink in her mouth. Before this shot I had taken a few photos of her where she had her stuffed animal, Spot, up to her face. I asked if I could get a shot without Spot and that's when she put her drink up to her mouth. I then asked if she'd take the drink out of her mouth but she wasn't interested in following my instructions. That's when I realized, hey she's a kid, kids like to have a stuffed animal or HiC drink or whatever in their hands and just want to have some fun.

In this age with everyone having a digital camera we are constantly snapping photos of the kids and sticking our cameras in their faces. Either they put their hands up and say "no more" or they turn and give you the fake "take the darn picture" smile. Once I realized it could be more fun to get some shots of Bella being a kid, we had a blast. While she was eating her smore I took a few shots and then she stuck her tongue out. I told her to keep making silly face and she really started to ham it up for the camera. I don't think I laughed more that night then when Bella and I were taking silly photos.

Once I saw the HiC photo on the computer screen I realized that the photo really captures the sense of being a kid. I really like how it came out and the hat is great!

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  1. Safety Officer Al

    I hope you didn’t have a ‘bomb’ fire. That could be dangerous. 😉

  2. Oops, thanks for the tip on the typo! I fixed it.
    One year we really did have a “bomb” fire (they started the bonfire with gasoline). Boy did it go up in a flash!!

  3. Wow, she looks so much like you!

  4. She’s much cuter than I ever was!
    When people see us together, I’m sure they think she’s mine because of the curly hair. My cousin also has the curly hair curse, I mean gene.

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