I must say I was pretty impressed with the point and shoot camera when it came to photographing the fireworks. I wasn't sure I'd even take any photos but since I had the camera on me I thought I'd give it a shot (pun intended). After taking a few photos I remembered that I had seen a "fireworks" presetting on the camera. I turned it on and the images were much better. I didn't have the tripod on me so I just sat back in my beach chair and balanced the camera on my knee. Not too shabby.

The first 3 photos were taken of fireworks being set off on Saquish. We were lucky to have people near by putting on a show. The last photo is from the Plymouth fireworks. I used the power zoom to try to get in closer but since I didn't have the camera on a tripod the image is blurier. I like that you can see the reflection in the water.

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  1. Shirley

    These are wonderful! I’ll have to look and see if my camera has a fireworks setting. I’m impressed that these were shot with your point and shoot.
    Did you do anything afterwards to boost the colors? They are so vibrant.

  2. Jamie

    Thanks Shirley. Definitely check to see if your camera has the presetting. As I mentioned I was very impressed with how nice a job it did.
    I really didn’t do anything to the image other than crop and maybe tweaked the clarity. I don’t think I touched the colors at all.

  3. My point and shoot has that setting and does a decent job as well…sometimes you just want to leave the DSLR at home!

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