Cyndi (co-worker) and I took a quick walk yesterday around part of the River Walk.  We came across two families of geese.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me at the time.  So, after work I decided to walk back over to the same area and see if I could find one of the families.  Sure enough I came across the family of nine. 

It was such a wonderful feeling to watch these babies waddle around and to see how protective the parents were of them.  Depending on how close I got the mother and father goose would start hissing and sticking their tongue out.  Also, as the family would start walking the parents would put themselves between the babies and anyone walking towards them.  I stood as close as possible and tried to keep as calm as possible.  The more I stayed perfectly still and calm, the more willing the parents were to let the babies get closer to me.  Of course they would only let them get a certain distance before they would gather them together and move along.