Phillips Brooks

This statue is located on the left side of the Trinity Church in Coply Square.  The statue's plaque reads:

Preacher of the word of God
Lover of Mankind
Born in Boston AD MDCCCXXXV
Died in Boston AD MDCCCXCIII

On two different days I stopped by this statue and took pictures.  I still don't feel satisfied with the photo I've captured (it looks so much more impressive in real life than in 2 dimensional form).  I think what bothers me most has something to do with the bluish tint to the statues.  I ended up taking 3 different exposures and merging them together to use various pieces of each.  I took a little of the blue out and made it more gray but it still's not quiet right.  However, I really like how the golden dome came out.  

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  1. Shirley

    I like it—it is so dramatic.
    It’s cool hearing that the colors are a combination of three different exposures (if I am understanding correctly…)

  2. Jamie

    If you really want to know my process…
    I took 3 images- normal exposure, under exposed and over exposed. Brought them into an HDR program to give it a little more dramatic effect. I made 2 separate HDR images. One brought out the golden dome colors better and the other I tweaked for figures. I then took those 2 images into Photoshop and merged them together. Then I opened the original normal image in Photoshop and merged it with the other HDR images. After that I used masking to uncover the golden dome for one image while keeping the rest of the image as the HDR layer below. Then I also used another mask to uncover the white columns from the original image (actually 1/2 uncovered). The HDR effect on the white was too much so I sort of merged it with the original effect. That’s about it.
    I actually haven’t done a lot of Photoshopping lately. Mostly, I’ve been taking photos and then adjusting white balance and brightness/contrast in Lightroom. It was fun to play around with Photoshop again.

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