Green Dog

The plaque for this statue reads:  "Green Dog: Created by Michael J. Ulman, AS'00, in recognition of Northeastern's commitment to developing and promoting alternative sources of energy for a sustainable environment."

Statue by day Super Hero by night?  To me it looks more like Nuclear Dog. It's an interesting statue. The more I look at it the more I discover things about it. When I walk by it I don't normally notice the propeller on his back but someone pointed it out to me yesterday.  I think the statue was suppose to make you think about being "green" but instead I just have lots of questions in my head-  what is the little barrel under his neck suppose to represent? Why are the bottom of his legs green? Is he supposed to be able to fly with the propeller? I'm waiting for the TV show "Green Dog" to debut, to answer these questions…oh wait, that would probably be a waste of energy?! 

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  1. Hey Jamie,
    Cool pic. I did a quick search on Google and came up with the following…
    The designer is Michael Ulman, who graduated from Northeastern with an art degree in 2000.
    “I thought about the different sources of energy; wind, solar and battery storage units,” Ulman said. “I put solar panels on his back and the battery cell around his neck reminded me of a St. Bernard carrying a whisky bottle. I wanted to make it look like the new sources of energy.”

  2. Thanks for the info., Jack. I’m pretty sure the battery cell is probably full of whiskey!

  3. it looks like a dog gone wrong.

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