Duck, Duck…


I'm amazed at how close I'm able to get to the geese that hang out near my work.  There was one goose that came up out of the pond and started walking right towards me.  I wasn't sure if I should back up or stay put.  I stayed put and he came to less than a foot from me.  We had a starring contest and then he went about eating the grass.  It was pretty much the same with this goose.  She was eating and I walked up as close as possible and started taking photos.  She stopped eating, looked up at me and then went back to eating some more.  I guess the first goose was trying to show me what it feels like to have someone walk right up and into your space.  I think we came to some sort of understanding.  I get to take a few pictures and they don't bite me!

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  1. Shirley

    What a beauty. I love the detail you caught of her feathers/down. The texture, the colors…

  2. I think because I was able to get so close to her that the details are much sharper.

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