Sandsprit Park

On the left is Sandsprit Park.   This is a wonderful park that is only 2 miles from where my parents are staying.  They do a great job of making the park very user friendly.  It has a boat ramp and docks for fishing, restrooms, a playground, picnic tables, grills and benches for anyone to use.  The cost is free and the little pavillions with picnic tables are first come, first served.  We went over one day and had a nice picnic lunch.  

The water here is the entrance to Manatee Pocket.  The boats coming in from the open ocean can come through Manatee Pocket and at the other end find a handful of restaurants along the water (Shrimpers, Finz, etc.).  I enjoyed watching the boats come through with the pelicans following behind waiting for the fishermen to through over their leftover bait (I think that's what they're throwing out).  Many times a pelican would land on the back of the boat (on top of the motor) and catch a ride with them.   

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  1. Sis Karen

    We LOVE Sandsprit! Lots of interesting sights to look at and picnic heaven. While we were there, we joined Uncle Bob & Donna and a group of their friends. They brought lamb, which I don’t usually eat, but it was good. With some chicken, lots of salads, and of course wine, it was a great feast.

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