Water Home

My uncle use to have a boat in Florida.  While I don't like to go out on the open ocean, all that much, I do enjoy riding up and down the water inlets.  It's sort of like a Sunday drive in Scituate or Duxbury, looking at the nice houses along the water.  My uncle no longer has the boat in Florida but luckily, I can still look out at these water inlets from the road (just can't go down the middle of them). 

This is what I picture when I think of Florida…nice green lawn, palm trees and a boat waiting in the backyard.  I think I could handle living in one of these areas…at least for a couple of months.  I'd even take a jet ski over a big boat!  

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  1. What a different way of life…

  2. Sis Karen

    It is neat, and different. They could nickname it Little Venice.

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