Scituate Lighthouse

What do you do in New England when it's 34° outside and you need pictures?  Why, you head to the beach!  This is the Scituate Lighthouse and jetty.  The jetty is similar to the one in Plymouth, however this one was a little harder to navigate.  

There's just something about the look of a lighthouse set against the blue sky and water that always draws me to them.  Maybe it's the role they played as "beacons of safety" that comforts me or maybe it's just that they all remind me of the Gurnet Lighthouse at Saquish where I have spent most of my summers. 

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  1. Wow! What a great picture. This would make a great postcard.

  2. Thanks, maybe I’ll send you a postcard sometime. Actually, you’ll probably get one soon, but it’ll have Florida plastered across the front of it!
    Hey, what happened to the math?! I liked that it made me think a little.

  3. Gorgeous! Jack is right – it’d make a great postcard.
    Have fun in FLA! I’m glad the numbers are gone!
    M. in SF.

  4. Why stop at postcard? I see this as a gorgeous poster!
    It is really stunning, Jamie.

  5. Sis Karen

    I agree with the other comments! My first thought also was that it would make a gorgeous postcard or artwork. The repeating blue colors in the water and sky are echoed across the rocks and the top of the lighthouse. Did you enhance that or was that the actual color? The lighthouse actually looks to me like it was drawn/painted rather than photographed. Really nice shot!

  6. I enhanced it a little but only to bring out the colors and try to make them look as close as possible as to how they looked that day. There was a line each of blue, purple, pink, white and gray in the sky. In another of my photos I just couldn’t make the colors look as beautiful as they looked in person.

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