Go, Go, Godzilla

On the Harbor Walk I came across this monster.  It was next to the aquarium.  I'm not sure if it's part of the aquarium or if it's a separate boat tour.  I couldn't find out much about it on the internet.  Looks like it could really fly on the water!  I may have to look for it this summer.

I'm looking forward to vacation.  I leave for the drive to Florida on Wednesday and should be there on Friday.  I'm hoping the warmer weather will inspire me and I'll get some good photos.  I haven't been out to take pictures in two weeks.  I've been very uninspired lately.  I think it's the cold weather and the fact that everything looks gray.  I just haven't felt the desire to get out there and capture anything.   

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  1. Even though it is cold and gray out, I’d love to see more pictures of Boston – especially some of it’s great architecture.

  2. I found the following website regarding this ‘Codzilla’ boat.

  3. Ohh, I just assumed it said Godzilla. Thanks for sending along the info.
    I too would love to take some photos of the great architecture around Boston. Only I’d like it to be 30+ degrees or I need to go inside the buildings!

  4. Cooool. It’s a shark. That’s on fire, but it’s not afraid.

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