Happy New Year

One idea was to get up before the crack of dawn, drive to the perfect spot to see the sunrise and take a photo of it.  The second idea was to sleep until I felt like getting up, rummage through photos I have and see what would work for a New Year's Day photo.  The second idea overruled but at least I managed to find a sunrise from this past summer.

This photo was taken out at Saquish on September 2nd.  I had woken up very early and when I looked out the window I knew it was going to be a pretty sunrise.  I debated back and forth in my head whether to just lay back down and go to sleep or drag myself out of bed and drive over to the front beach.  In the end I was happy that I got out of bed.  It was much prettier in person; the colors were so vibrant and felt as if they were surrounding me.  Sort of like being given a big warm, orange, hug (if that makes any sense).

I wish you all a very Happy New Year.  May you have a wonderful healthy, happy and successful year in 2008. 

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  1. Happy New Year Jamie.
    Great picture. I’m looking forward to seeing and reading your posts during 2008.

  2. Melissa B

    Beatiful picture! I’m glad you got out of bed that morning. My Dad sent me the Duxbury Beach book for Xmas and I’ve been enjoying reading it. Happy New Year!!

  3. My parents have the Duxbury Book, it’s awesome. I need to pick one up for myself.
    Hope I can come up with photos for all of 2008!

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