I was talking to my cousin out in San Francisco the other day.  She mentioned that it was a cold 44° and rainy.  On Friday it was a warm 44° and sunny on the east coast.  I thought since it's so nice I should be outside taking pictures.  It's funny how the same temperature can feel completely different.  Also, what a difference a day or two can make- right now it's cold and a bit snowy outside.

I ended up going to Plymouth, strolling around the harbor and walking out on the jetty.  Even walking out on the jetty wasn't too cold.  For this time of year there were actually a few people out and about enjoying the weather.  After taking this photo, one man asked me "what were you taking a photo of?"  From his view point he could only see the little ticket shacks and probably thought they didn't look very interesting.  I explained that they reflected in the water and that was what I was mostly trying to capture.  He agreed and said you can get some pretty nice photos this time of year.  I almost wanted to post just the water reflection, as it looks like a watercolor painting to me, but then I thought it was best to show the whole photo.

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  1. Your pics make me miss the East Coast! Fortunately, the sun has come out and we have a crisp, clear day here in San Francisco. Happy New Year!!

  2. Shirley

    The reflection is impressive—it would be interesting to see just the reflection.

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