Black Friday

It's Black Friday.  There are now only 31 shopping days left until Christmas (probably another 20 days before I even start shopping).  I have no idea how people can get up at 4am, to go shopping, especially, after having eaten a huge Thanksgiving dinner.  We had a wonderful dinner and I have enough left overs to get me through the weekend and then some.  Tradition in my family is to go to the movies on Black Friday.  There is at least one person who goes shopping in the morning but the rest of us just get up in time to make the movie.  I hope there are parking spaces left at the mall so I don't miss the show!

This photo was taken last night at the entrance to the Derby Street Shoppes.  The weather was still amazingly warm, which was a nice change from the last few photo shoots.  The idea was to get a shot where you couldn't see the street lights or shopping buildings behind the display.  I took a wide variety of shots and had a hard time deciding which to use.  Maybe I'll post another one in December. 


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  1. Cool. I see two Christmas trees. I see the thing that looks like a wreath with a ribbon on it. I think the sidewalk looks cool. And the background.

  2. I really like the white fence with the leaves on it. I see that there’s lighty things on the leaves. I like the two Christmas trees. I also like the two ribbons on the fence.

  3. Too bad we didn’t have more time when you were up here visiting. I could have taking you over to see this Christmas scene. There are actually around 6-8 trees all together. It looks pretty cool in person.

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