Happy Thanksgiving to all.  I hope you are enjoying this day with loved ones.  I am very thankful to be spending the day with family and being able to visit with relatives I don't see often enough. 

The challenge with this photo: how to take a picture of the Mayflower without seeing so many of the everyday distractions around it (and not having to Photoshop things out).  You can see to the left of the boat the walkway/ticket area.  There is also a floating dock and set of stairs to the left.  By setting up my camera close to the water's edge I was able to use the rocks to cover the dock and stairs.  Unfortunately, I couldn't block all of the walkway. 

Happy Holiday!

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  1. I think your efforts paid off. You captured an illusion of what the boat must have looked like back in the day. It’s a very romantic picture, I like the blueness of the water.

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