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Lobster Trap Tree at Night

Tried to post this photo yesterday but my blog was having issues. I took this photo on my way home Christmas night. A nice way to end a…

#11 Fence

This is the fence that belongs to the #11 house. The house next door (behind fence) is not nearly as pretty.

Plymouth Christmas Tree

It’s always hard to believe how fast Christmas arrives after Halloween. It seems November and December fly by. This is the Christmas Tree in Plymouth Center. I wish…

Snowy Carver Street

Another snowy street.

Snowy Leyden Street

Better to be out walking in the snow than driving these streets.


Welcome to New England, where our weather goes to 11! Friday, it was to cold to snow (single digits). Saturday, it warmed up to the low 30s and…

Holidays in Halifax: Ice Sculpture

Here are some shots of the gingerbread people (or maybe they are just people who are caroling) and the entire ice sculpture scene.

Holidays in Halifax: Water Mill

Saturday was the annual Holidays in Halifax. It was also the coldest day we’ve had this Fall…a mere 22 degrees. I invited my friend and her kids to…

Andy Lynn Boats

The wharf is starting to look nicely decorated for the holidays.

Boston Holiday Lights

It’s looking very festive in Boston.


This photo doesnt really capture what I could see in person. The fog looked like it was seeping through the branches.

Almost Supermoon

This was the supermoon taken on Sunday night. I was a little late getting out with the camera and the moon was already up. While it doesn’t show…


I went out Sunday night to get the supermoon but was a little too late as the moon was already above the trees. Last night, I decided I…

Plymouth at Night

Looking up Leyden Street.

Town Brook at Night

Another picture from my walk through Brewster Garden at night. I like how the water was reflecting the lamp light.

Brewster Garden at Night

A couple weeks ago we had a really warm night so I took a walk with the camera. Brewster Garden is just as pretty at night.

Plymouth Farmer’s Market

Today is the last outdoor farmer’s market for the season. I only made it over one time. I didn’t buy anything, just took a few pictures.

Fall Decor

My aunt and uncle’s house looks nicely decorated for the Fall.

Pumpkin Stack

I really like the look of the stacked pumpkins. I haven’t decorated my place with this look but took this shot at Sauchuk’s Farm.


Fall has arrived. It was a beautiful sunny weekend, only in the 60s. This morning the heat came on!


Pretty soon I won’t be seeing many sail boats on the water.  Happy Fall!

Brewster Gardens: Town Brook

Somehow I didn’t get my walks in this weekend. This shot is from last weekend. I always like how you can look down from Main Street and see…

Wedding Party Shoots

At the beginning of my walk last weekend I came across a wedding party photo shoot in Brewster Gardens. On the way back from my walk I came…

Buoy Reflection

It was warm and humid on Saturday but it felt nice walking around the waterfront in the late afternoon.

Morning Jog

It’s been at least 4+ months since I’ve gone for a jog (well, if you can call my slow pace a jog). I’m working from home today so…

Brown and Green Grass

It’s been very dry around here this summer. Even the sea grass is turning brown.


I stopped by the Mayflower yesterday afternoon to see how choppy the water was. It was windy and a bit choppy but not too bad. Luckily, it’s protected…

Ocean Roots

Went for a nice long walk this morning. It was a bit windy on the waterfront but overall not bad. I guess starting tonight we will get remnants…

Egret at Sunrise

This is the same sunrise as yesterday’s post. However, this photo was taken with my Canon Powershot while the other photo was taken with my iPhone. I’m always…

Monday Morning

I left the house 5 minutes early, this morning, so I could take a picture of the sunrise. I guess I should have left a little earlier as…

Beach Buoys

I only went out to Saquish twice this summer. Wish I could take more vacation time and go there to walk the beach, relaxing on the porch and…

Summer Sunset

It’s hard to believe that a week from today we will be in September! The sun is already setting earlier and the nights are a little cooler. Each…


I didn’t see the ship docked in Plymouth harbor but was lucky enough to see it sail by while out at Saquish. From the Plymouth 400 website: THE…

Waterfront Music

Met up with Mom, Dad, Chris and Karen, last night to listen to the music on the waterfront. Beautiful sunset and even a full moon (I think it’s…

Music by the Water

Every Wednesday night during the summer Plymouth has music on the waterfront. It’s pretty nice to be able to walk down from my place, sit up on the…

Farm Day: Mayflower Cranberries Bog

One of the bogs at Mayflower Cranberries.