I think Chris was just trying to make Karen nervous with his balancing act. I was amazed to see the cows way off in the distance. They must have very good lungs at that elevation!

The sign at this spot said:

Makahiku Falls
He wai makamaka ‘ole.
Water that recognizes no friend 

This describes a dangerous stream or waterfall.
The Hawaiian proverb is a warning to always be respectful of the power of natural forces. Flooded streams, waterfalls, and falling rocks will not stop for anything in their paths.

Makahiku can refer to the cathedral-lik cliffs when looking up to the heavens. These beautiful sheer walls are shaped daily as water chips away one sharp stone after another to fall violently- and without warning- to the ground below. 

This water provides a home for endemic stream life, and water for people and for the food they grow and eat. Reaching this site is a cultural journey for Hawaiians and people from around the world.