Public Garden Footbridge

The Public Garden Footbridge looks especially pretty in the early morning with the lights glowing.

From Public Art Boston:

“In 1837, Boston politician and philanthropist Horace Gray petitioned City Council to set aside part of the Boston Common for use as a botanical park. The Public Garden has since become one of the city’s most beloved landmarks, known in particular for its picturesque lagoon. As you cross over the water and its famous swan boats, you also cross what is said to be the world’s smallest suspension bridge. A suspension bridge consists of cables linked to vertical structures, which together support the weight of the deck—the surface used for crossing. This type of structure is generally used to cover longer distances, like the Golden Gate Bridge spanning San Francisco Bay. In this setting, the bridge adds a sense of grandeur to the quaint beauty of the gardens.”

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  1. Shirley

    This is so pretty. I love all the blues ~ the sky, the sky/light reflected in the building windows, the bulb stands, the twinkle lights…

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