Thank you to Mom for reminding me that I forgot to post a blog photo! Wasn’t working from home today so it threw off my whole schedule.

Not what I think of when I hear the word “mall” but the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is worth visiting. It’s a great walk through the Back Bay and it starts across from my favorite spot The Public Garden.

Interesting history on how it came to be:

“In Colonial times, this area known as Back Bay was literally that: an inland bay alongside the peninsula on which Boston was established. Twice a day the Atlantic tides would send cleansing waves up the Charles River to flood it. That is, until the 1820s, when an enterprising mill company built a dam along what is now Beacon Street.Some 50 years later, the state finished the job with landfill.

Commonwealth Avenue Mall became the spine of the elegant new Back Bay neighborhood and the crucial green link between the Public Garden and Frederick Law Olmsted’s park system.”