Wow! I’m not even sure how to describe last night’s Super Bowl. The Atlanta Falcons played the best 3 quarters and then the Patriots played an unbelievable 4th quarter! I feel a little bad for the Falcons, having never won a Super Bowl, but I was born and raised in Massachusetts so I have to route for my boys! Congratulations Patriots!!

I mentioned, to my mom, that I may have to go in to work so I can see part of the parade, like I did in 2015 (photos/video are from 2015 parade). Mom asked if that was when we had all that snow and they weren’t sure if they’d have the parade. I was thinking, yes, that was the winter of all that snow, but did we have a lot at the beginning of February? Well, the pictures don’t lie, there was a lot of snow (and so much more to come). Here is my post from the day after the Super Bowl in 2015. Apparently, that game was also a nail biter (how quickly I forget).

I was able to take the third photo out the window at work but this year the construction on the building in front of us is up to the third floor (probably won’t be able to see anything). They say we could get snow tomorrow so the parade could be postponed a day (as it was in 2015). If it isn’t postponed and the weather is bad I’ll be staying home and working remote (I didn’t say I wasn’t a fair-weather fan 😉

Here are photos I posted on Facebook of the Patriots Parade 2015.


New England Patriots Parade 2015 from JETeye on Vimeo.