I did not know that there was a Harriet Tubman statue in Boston, until last Thursday, when I saw it pictured on something online. It is only about three blocks from where I work. I decided to locate the statue the next day, which happened to be the day before the Women’s March, hence, the pink hat.

I remember in college taking U.S. History, for the 2nd time as I had to drop out of the first class because of low grades. Not that I didn’t like history, I just found it difficult to remember so many facts at once. I did better the second time, as we had two books. One was your typical history book the other was a storytelling book. It took a historical time and told it through the eyes of a person/people who lived through it. One of the stories I remembered most was of the Underground Railroad. I don’t remember the facts and places as much as the feelings and visuals of what took place (which is why having this type of book helped me pass history). As every picture tells a story so does every person. Thank you, Harriet Tubman for your courage, sacrifices, and humanity.