In Search of a Sunset

On Monday, I wanted to go to The Market at Pinehills (only place I can find the black tea I like) so I decided to head out before sunset. I figured I might be able to catch the sunset from a different location. I took a completely out of the way route in order to scout for future photo opportunities. As I was driving, I kept losing the sun behind trees and was hoping for something to open up. It wasn’t until I ended up on the road that leads into Myles Standish State Park that I actually had enough of a view of the sky.

I tried driving into the forest to see if I could find a pond with the sun reflecting off it but it was getting dark and I didn’t have a map, and my phone had no service, so I turned around before getting lost. I will definitely be going back to the forest to do some more exploring.


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  1. Lovely.

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