Halifax Sunset

People on Facebook have been kind enough to ask me how my commute has been going. Yesterday, was the shortest commute in over a week. It still took 2 hours each way but as most people have said, “it’s less than 4 hours” (which was my longest commute each way one day last week). Thank you all for your encouragement.  

I heard on the radio that if every day you wrote down three things you were thankful that day that in about 6 months you would be a happier person. Think positive, feel positive. It’s pretty easy to come up with three things I was thankful for yesterday:

1. The commute took only 2 hours each way
2. The sunset was gorgeous
3. Seeing the sun set after 5:30pm- it was wonderful to see it still light after 5pm

I hope you all have at least three things you can be thankful for in your day today.

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  1. Beautiful picture Jamie – love that sunset

  2. Thank you, Jack. It was a nice way to end the day.

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