New England Patriots Day

Good Morning, well, that was a nail biter of a game! The Pats managed to pull off another Super Bowl title!! It’s been great living so close to the family as everyone has been coming over to my place to watch the football games. Yesterday, I picked up Thai food and eight of us watched the big game. Some thought about leaving at half-time but it was just too close of a game so everyone stayed to the end. 

Today, they are calling for another foot of snow so we have a snow/remote day. I think we should have a snow day every day after the Super Bowl! I’m going to need a nap today as Maya decided we should still get up early :-).

The photo for today is a shot of the sunrising in Duxbury after last week’s storm.

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  1. Jamie, what a beautiful, peaceful, wondrous photo. I look forward to doing a sunrise photo walk with you someday. xoxo

  2. Thank you, Shirley. A photo walk would be wonderful (maybe in warmer weather 🙂

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