Punk Ducks

Okay, I have no idea what type of bird this is and anything I Google with black head and orange beak gets me Puffins as the result. I’ve decided to name them punk birds because I like their punk hair style after they have dived under and come up from the frigid water.

Update: My sister-in-law found the name of the ducks for me. They are Red-breasted Mergansers.Thanks Melissa.

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  1. Okay, bird lady Donna, what are these?

  2. Mom, we should have called Melissa.

  3. uncle bob

    we had a bald eagle on the ice, an eider duck (down) and two glorious foxes buffleheads and merganzers (ducks) you needed to be hear.

  4. Uncle Bob, wish I had been there. Would love to get a really good shot of a bald eagle.

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