JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Seven

Today is the 7th Anniversary of my photo blog. In dog years that would be 49 :-). Some days it seems as if I have been blogging that long! Each year it seems a little harder to think of pictures to take and especially what to write. No trip to Florida this year, plus with a new job and moving into a new apartment it seemed like I didn’t devote as much time to my photography. But then looking back over the year I’m surprised what I did do. If I didn’t have this photo blog I don’t think I’d remember half of what I did over the year.

The only big event I remember capturing was a wedding up in Maine. I just discovered that while I posted photos of Maine I never posted a photo of the wedding except for my practice fill flash shots (I did post photos to Facebook). I forgot it was only last October that the Red Sox won the World Series (I guess it’s getting old now :-). I visited the new Lego Discovery Land, took another senior photo and shot my first family portrait. There were many other places I revisited as well as new sights and you can search through the tumbnail images (top right) if you are interested. And there is always Maya when I need inspiration.

Once again, thank you to my loyal family and friends for “liking” my posts and always encouraging me to continue to get-out-there. Bring on year 8!!

If anyone is interested in looking at the recaps from previous years you can click the links below.

Year One; Year Two; Year Three; Year Four; Year Five; Year Six

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  1. Thank you again Jamie, you know we love to check out your pictures every morning. Looking forward to the next year in photos.

  2. You’re welcome Mom. You and Dad are my #1 fans and one of the reasons I keep blogging 🙂

  3. Congratulations Jamie! These Halloween dogs are so cute! I made little bandanas for some of the neighborhood dogs, but I like the classic orange bandana best.

  4. Thank you, Sandy! The dogs were all so cute and friendly but the pit bull was just the sweetest girl. I do like the bandanas and you gotta love a dog in a tutu.

  5. Thanks for another year of pic’s Jamie – looking forward to the next years’ worth.

  6. Thanks Jack. I think I need to go on another trip to Italy to help fill the photo blog :-).

  7. Happy Anniversary! I always enjoy looking at the world through your lens.

  8. Thanks, Chris!

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