This is my fur-nephew, Milo. He will be four in a few months. Once my brother and his family brought Milo home as a kitten it only took me a year to give in and finally get my own kitten.

Milo has a beautiful fur coat and I just love his stripes. The last time I took photos of him was when he was just a baby (no bigger than a straw) and didn’t have a name yet. Boy, has he grown!

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  1. So cute! I don’t know if there is anything cuter than a kitten. He’s more handsome as an adult, I guess. I love how his markings make an M. Is that why his name is Milo? We once lived near some feral cats and one of them looked like this. Milo would have been a good name for him because of the M but we called him Rubby because he loved to do head-butts and rub his face against things.

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