Da Beard: David Ross, Catcher

My friend asked if I would go into Boston for the Red Sox parade (World Series Champions). I was hoping it was going to be during the week so I’d be at work and could then just walk down to see the duck boats with the players go by and then walk back to work. Instead it ended up being on Saturday. I said I’d still go in with her and her four year old son. We ended up parking in the garage at my work and walked down to the spot I had stood back in 2007 to watch the Red Sox parade.

The commute into Boston was surprisingly light and easy (pretty much the same for the ride home). We found a standing spot near the beginning of the parade route and the crowd was only two rows deep. I don’t think it was more than 4-5 rows deep by the time the parade started (as opposed to being near Copley Square where they said it was about 20 people deep). This year I had my 100-400mm lens so I was able to get some good close-up shots.

Looking at the photos on the computer I noticed that a few of the ball players had GoPro cameras on them. I like how David Ross had a body strap for his.

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  1. Nice! It would be cool to locate you in the reflection of Ross’ sunglasses 🙂

  2. Shirley, you got a sneak peek as this blog post wasn’t supposed to go until tomorrow morning.
    I was to far away to be reflected in his glasses but that would have been pretty cool.

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