JETeye: Seeing Through Pictures- Year Six

That’s right, another year has gone by and we now move into the seventh year of blogging. While I didn’t do a very creative image for the anniversary photo (as I usually try to do) what makes this photo special is that six years ago today, the first photo I ever posted to my blog was of outside Fenway Park. Back in 2007 the Red Sox had just won the World Series (right now we are ahead 3-2 in the series). If I stopped the blog today then I would have similar photos for bookends. Or the bottom left photo, showing 2007, 2013 would also be perfect for a final shot. However, for the sake of my family and friends and because I just bought a new camera, I will try to continue posting images Monday-Friday.

As I mentioned I bought a new camera recently, the Canon 70D and a few months ago I purchased the Canon 100-400mm lens. The lens helped me to get some really great close-up shots of the baby swans. I think I still have tons of shots that I never posted! I think since getting the lens I have taken more animal shots than usual. I wanted the lens so I could get closer to nature. The only really new thing I did this year was take some concert photos for a friend. I also just recently took some lacrosse photos of my cousin. Both of these were challenging because of the movement of the subjects. I think year seven of the blog is going to have to be practicing more action photography.

Some of my favorite shoots from the year were Trash the Dress, watching the baby cygnets grow over the summer and these guys make me smile. If anyone is interested in looking at the recaps from previous years you can click the links below.

Year One; Year Two; Year Three; Year Four; Year Five

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  1. Congratulations and thank you for another year of beautiful pictures. Looking forward to year seven.

  2. Boy, time sure does fly. Happy anniversary! I am so glad you had the opportunity to pick up some new equipment with which to do some fun exploring. xoxoxo

  3. Thanks for keeping up with your blog – I’m sure it’s not always easy to do.
    I’m looking forward to another year of great pics.

  4. Thanks everyone.

  5. Thanks for your commitment, Jamie. Keep experimenting and growing!

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