Dog Drool

The photos of the animals this week are from the Southfield Fall Fair. I believe the dogs lived in the Southfield apartments. The llama’s, I have no idea where they came from. It’s a nice little fair for kids. They have pumpkin painting, pony rides, balloon animals and a few other things.

I mostly go to the fair to see how the development of Southfield is coming along. They have added a lot of new homes and are starting to add more apartments. Too bad they are so expensive.

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  1. Yeesh! I used to think dogs like this (and Newfoundland’s) were so cute but the amount and intensity of the drool just turned me off!
    (I wonder if tomorrow’s post is going to be “Cats Rule”!)

  2. Yeah, the drool factor would really weigh in the decision to get a dog like this.
    Hmmm, the cat photo idea for tomorrow is a good idea. Now if only Maya will participate!

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