Yesterday, I went out to Devens, MA to see my cousin’s daughter play in a lacrosse tournament (first image she is the one in orange). This was her first game on her new team. She’s still getting to know the other players and get a feel for how they play but she did a really good job. I only saw the first two games but by the second game she was already more comfortable and had possession of the ball much longer than in the first game.

My cousin said they won the third game by a big score and his daughter even scored (unfortunately, there was a penalty on the field so it didn’t count). They ended up losing in the semi-final round by one goal.

I find sports photography to be very difficult. I had lots if blurry photos trying to grab action photos. I really need to go out and practice it more. Not sure what parents would think if they saw this stranger taking photos. Guess I could say I’m with a newspaper.